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The Nursery Project USA

Propagation Terrarium Workshop

Propagation Terrarium Workshop

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🌿Join Me on an Extraordinary Plant Journey!🌿

Hello, plant enthusiasts of Orlando and beyond! I'm Victor Castro, the passionate soul behind The Nursery Project, and I'm thrilled to extend a heartfelt invitation to our upcoming Propagation Terrarium Workshop. This event promises not just an experience but a personal journey through the world of botanical wonder.

🪴 What Awaits You:
🌱 My Personal Touch: I'll be your guide, sharing my insights and love for nurturing these beautiful tropical aroids.
🌿 Exotic Aroids: Discover the allure of rare and exotic plant cuttings carefully curated by yours truly.
🌟 Hands-On Discovery: Together, we'll craft stunning terrariums, and you'll have the privilege of hands-on learning from me.
🌍 Sustainable Wisdom: I'll shed light on sustainable plant care practices, helping you become an eco-conscious plant enthusiast.
🍷 A Warm Gathering: Enjoy a delightful atmosphere with complimentary wine, sodas, and a mouthwatering charcuterie board.

🌴 Event Details:
📅 Date: Sunday, October 1st
🕚 Time: 11:00 am
💰 Cost: $120 (Includes all materials and refreshments)
📍 Location: 11043 Regency Commons Ct, Orlando, FL 32837

This workshop isn't just about plants; it's about cultivating a deeper connection with nature and your inner gardener. With only a few spots left, this journey is already creating a buzz.

So, let's embark on this plant adventure together! Reserve your spot now and let's turn your plant dreams into a thriving reality. 🌿🏡✨

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all materials and plants will be included as listed below:



Soil and Substrate Media

Decorative driftwood pieces

Decorative Crystals 

Terrarium plants

Exotic cutting (1 or 2 per participant)

Grow light 


Spray bottle




Mounting Tape


Snacks & Drinks:

Red / white wine



charcuterie board


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