• Monstera

    Monstera, a striking genus of tropical plants, is the epitome of lush... 

  • Philodendron

    Explore our curated selection and unlock the beauty of these verdant masterpieces. 

  • Hoya

    Discover the enchanting world of Hoyas, a captivating and diverse group of... 

  • Anthurium

    Explore the mesmerizing Anthuriums and elevate your surroundings with their captivating tropical... 

  • Epipremnum

    Explore the enchanting realm of Epipremnum and bring nature's elegance into your... 

  • Scindapsus

    Discover the joys of nurturing these lush green wonders and create your... 

  • Alocasia

    Alocasia, a captivating genus of tropical plants renowned for their striking foliage... 

  • Syngonium

    Discover the enchanting world of Syngonium, a genus of tropical plants admired... 

  • Homalomena

    Dive in the wonderful color variations of this fantastic plant genus 

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It is your responsibility as a buyer to purchase heat pad according with your weather. 60 degrees or below are required to purchase heat packs and insulation. Click here to include Heat Pad item.

Hoya Madness

Known for their distinctive waxy leaves and often fragrant, star-shaped flowers, Hoya plants are beloved for their low-maintenance care requirements and unique aesthetics.

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Variegated Plants

These plants feature leaves with unique combinations of colors, often displaying a mix of green hues contrasted with white, cream, yellow, or even pink streaks, spots, or margins



meticulously curated to offer optimal drainage, aeration, and nutrient retention—essential factors for the healthy growth of your beloved tropical plants. Our soil mix is thoughtfully sourced to ensure sustainability and eco-friendliness, making it a guilt-free choice for conscious plant lovers.

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At The Nursery Project, we believe in cultivating nature with care, and that begins with our commitment to ethically sourced greenery. Our passion for plants goes beyond just selling beautiful foliage; it's about fostering a sustainable and eco-conscious approach to nurturing nature's wonders.

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